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Service Providers

All aspects of your business or product development are covered by us. Do not worry about looking for everything, because we make the pathway easier to you. We intermediate the contact with the best service providers - for intellectual property, search engine optimization and more -, and you just enjoy all benefits of a complete, accessible and high quality package.

IP Service Integration

If you are interested in adding your services into Lead IP's platform, contact our team for the technical integration.

Lead IP offers business development and lead generation tools specialized in the IP industry. It's the new marketing gateway that can put IP firm’s name on every IP lawyer’s and holder’s desk.

Search Engine Optimization

Syrup Digital is our service provider focused on Service Engine Optimization (SEO). With simple change of keywords and analysis of your content, they will help you move your website's rank to the top of Google's results. And as partners of QK Innovations, we offer you a fair price, and intermediate the communication of every detail, making the service smoother and easier.

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Want to become our service provider?

Book a call or fill in the form below. We're excited to work with new partners!

Intellectual Property

Do you have questions related to intellectual property? Moeller IP makes the process effortless for you by connecting just the right people, places and expertise. And thanks to our partnership, whenever you need to register your trademark or have any questions about IP in your product, our communication with them will ensure that you are always legally safe.

QK | Moeller IP
QK | e3 Media House

Digital Marketing

Another exceptional partnership is e3 Media House. They take care of the production and creation of videos, photography, and data-driven content, making your brand grow stronger and targeting the correct audience.

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