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Born in Switzerland and raised in Munich, he likes to talk about Entrepreneurship, and how we can all make a difference.

Cedric von Halem


QK | Cedric von Halem

An Argentinian raised in Munich, he shares with everyone his passion for innovation, new cultures and connecting people through technology.

Florian Messerer


QK | Florian Messerer

Raised in Frankfurt, she motivates everyone to work in a dynamic and international team. 

Franzi Deckstein

Business Development Manager

QK | Franzi Deckstein

Born in Bulgaria, and raised in Australia, she loves to talk to our clients to meet their needs.

Guergana Sedeva

Sales & Operations Manager

QK | Guergana Sedeva

From Brazil and now living in Munich, she helps clients build the product of their dreams.

Natasha Li Vieira

UX/UI Designer & Project Lead

QK | Natasha Li Vieira

Our Team

We are a young and international group of entrepreneurs, passionate about building innovative products.

We believe that with the right technology we can help you lead your company towards to success!

Core team

Our core team is the key communication point between you and the development team. Don't worry about technicalities, because we will listen to all your requirements, and intermediate the contact between your needs and the technical execution of your idea into a feasible and viable product.

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